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Mitigate risk | grow your firm | increase efficiency

When you need to understand the companies in your ecosystem, you’ll benefit from a certain approach. Professional service firms are benefitting from our company information across a range of business challenges practice-wide. We provide information on companies across the globe, including extensive corporate structures and beneficial ownership.

You can integrate data from our products into your existing workflow and systems, so you can blend it with your own client and prospect data and dramatically improve your efficiency. And we’re particularly renowned for our client onboarding solutions.

Contact us to find out how we’re helping thousands of companies mitigate risk, create growth and reach new levels of efficiency.

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Our solutions

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Consultancy, research and business intelligence requests

Search for companies and peers using a huge variety of criteria that you can combine as you like. Create tailored reports with detailed information on individual companies - including their beneficial ownership. You can also identify peer groups, do benchmarking analyses and access a vast library of original filings and documents.

Our tools zone offers a range of data visualization tools to help you interpret and understand data quickly. Choose from tailored pivot analysis, powerful ownership explorer functionality and advanced peer analysis.

  • Monitor companies using our alerts

Our flexible alerts monitor companies for changes including new financial data, adverse data and changes in ownership.

  • Practice management

Enrich your client data with valuable information and get a clearer view of revenue patterns and client groups. We can seamlessly integrate with client acceptance, conflict and practice management systems such as Intapp Open.

Transfer Pricing

We deliver the richest, most reliable company resource for global transfer pricing analysis.

Orbis has detailed and comparable information on more than 41 million companies globally, and more than 400 million in total. This information is combined with our intuitive and powerful software to deliver the best solution for arm’s-length analysis available. We deliver:

  • Extensive ownership structures (including indirect ownership and beneficial owners) for accurate selection of arm’s-length comparables
  • Detailed business overviews, with cross-referenced industry codes and access to company websites, for comparability analysis
  • Information on intellectual property and financial strength as well as M&A profiles for detailed comparability analysis
  • Access to original scanned documents and global reports to support financial results
  • Full profit and loss accounts and balance sheets for quantitative comparability analysis and for benchmarking results


We can help you:

  • Establish reliable, independent arm’s-length benchmarks for pricing intra-group transactions
  • Conduct due-diligence review of external comparables from a tax-audit or a dispute-resolution perspective
  • Conduct BEPS risk-assessment analysis from a corporate-group and local-entity perspective
  • Monitor transfer pricing policies on an on-going basis

Our TP Catalyst is a tax analysis tool that helps you with compliance, risk management and planning. And Document Manager is a solution that acts as your 'electronic data warehouse' to help with BEPS and country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements.

Onboarding, AML4 and compliance risk and the new business acceptance cycle

We can help you onboard potential customers much more efficiently. Our Compliance Catalyst solution is a data-driven tool that helps you work through onboarding steps, including beneficial ownership. We combine corporate structures with PEPs and sanctions data so you can assess the risk associated across the whole corporate group rather than having to research each entity separately. You can also create your own risk model for company assessment.

Conflict checking

Use our extensive corporate structures and company information to help you identify all companies with the same parent and research other conflicts of interest. Our automated Pathfinder tool helps you identify if companies, or individuals, are linked.

We have lots of experience of integrating information from our products into Intapp Open. We are regarded as ‘the easiest and best partners’ for Intapp data integration projects. Our ownership data is the richest on the market so we can link potential conflicts to more levels of corporate ownership than any competitors. We are the experts when it comes to integrated corporate ownership and related risk.

Market your services to the right companies – and refresh and enrich your CRM

Find the companies that will benefit most from your expertise. Use our search criteria to find companies of a certain size, by activity, in a specific location, that are recently established or are rumoured to be in a merger.

You can include 'advisors' in your searches to help you assess the market penetration of your competitors and target accordingly.

We can enrich and refresh the data you hold in your own CRM system with valuable intelligence to help you develop your business.

We have specific plug-ins for many CRM systems including:

InterAction® via Fellsoft solution partners

Salesforce – we’re a registered ISV partner    

Salesforce logo

M&A and advisory

Our own researchers compile the most comprehensive source of current and rumored deals for our Zephyr database. We link this to our extensive company information solutions. Ideal for:

  • Comprehensive searching for targets and acquirers
  • Peer analysis
  • Identifying and analyzing comparable deals
  • Due diligence

Procurement and reputation management

Our supplier market intelligence helps you manage your supplier risk and leverage your spending power. We bring your supplier data ‘to life’ by enriching it with our content, and presenting it in simple dashboards, so you can interpret it quickly and work more efficiently.

We’re one of the leading publishers of company information and our expertise includes simple-to-interpret, and internationally comparable, financial information, risk scores, PEPs and sanctions lists and probability of default indicators.

We help you:

  • be more effective in your supplier selection and appraisals
  • see where your riskiest areas are
  • screen suppliers against sanctions lists for financial compliance
  • monitor ‘group spend analysis’ so you can instantly see where you’re buying from multiple companies in the same group
  • assess supplier dependency so you can see your spend as a percentage of each supplier’s turnover 

Shared services and knowledge process outsourcing

Your shared services teams can benefit from the same company information solutions – but employ them in different ways. We’re ideal to help you with services around:

  • Tax
  • Advisory
  • M&A
  • Consultancy
  • Supplier and client risk and onboarding

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Navigation short description: Orbis is the world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies with information on over 280 million companies across the globe. Orbis captures and blends data from more than 160 different sources and treats it so it's standardised and comparable. Using Orbis you can be certain of a lot more.

Orbis – powering the business of certainty

OrbisOrbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. Orbis is all about helping you find the right information quickly and then helping you make better decisions based on your research. The fact that Orbis provides standardized information means you can search for, and compare, companies across the globe using just one tool.

  • More than 400 million companies: all countries globally
  • Compare companies wherever they are in the world
  • Access the richest, most reliable private company information on the market
  • Benefit from information captured from 160 providers
  • Search globally using comparable data
  • Build precise searches
  • Access related M&A deals and rumours
  • Get a quick, thorough understanding of corporate structures and hierarchies
  • Take advantage of our financial strength metrics
  • Use qualitative scores to help improve the accuracy of your financial strength assessments
  • Enjoy an enhanced user experience with our new interface

The business of certainty

At Bureau van Dijk we’re in the business of certainty. Leaders in informing business decisions, we are committed to capturing and treating the right data to deliver the richest, most reliable private company information on the market. Our solutions add value and make a tangible impact on your business by providing you with access to the precise, standardized information on private companies and corporate structures that you need to confidently and quickly make the most informed decisions possible. We give you more than mere “data”, we offer you a greater level of certainty.

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Featured products

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Products you may find interesting:

Orbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies

The data-driven decision engine and risk management platform.

Comprehensive deal data with integrated, detailed company information

Streamlining transfer pricing analysis

Streamlining transfer pricing compliance

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International integrity thumbnail

International integrity

This special report considers the importance of company data in a post-BEPS world. At a time when the global nature of business is being questioned by many, companies will want to make certain their international activities are secure, by attributing profits correctly as part of a robust transfer pricing policy.