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Managing the tension between business growth and credit risk fanned pages

Managing the tension between business growth and credit risk

Companies are under pressure to grow – at the same time they are expected to manage financial risk and the developing challenges of not doing business with “dubious organizations”.

And when that growth often needs to come from new and developing markets, where there is often less information available, you can easily see how there is a very present tension between growth and risk in many companies. Relatively slow growth in developed markets is pushing companies to consider the higher economic growth found within riskier emerging markets. How do you respond to both requirements at the same time?

Many business leaders are recognizing the need for a more holistic approach to credit risk management and sales - and they are taking action.

Find out how some professionals in the credit industry have tackled credit risk management using a combination of reorganization, education, technology, sharing of resources and rigorous use of information. With increased transparency and informed decision-making, companies can relieve some of the tension between growth and risk.

The key themes covered include:

  • creating a holistic internal approach to credit risk
  • empowering sales with shared technology and credit information – case study
  • assessing potential counterparties; the information challenge