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Government and not for profit videos

The public sector is increasingly using company information for better decision making. Our videos show you how to use data to improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

Assess what’s driving globalization with Orbis Crossborder Investment

Need to understand how companies are growing internationally? Find out how to track both greenfield FDI projects and M&A deals daily using our new tool, Orbis Crossborder Investment.

Using Orbis to understand the economic impact of targeted sanctions

The US Department of State’s acting Chief Economist, Dr Daniel P Ahn, talks to us about why the government body relies on a detailed data network – our Orbis database – to measure the impact of targeted sanctions.

Helping government with transfer pricing assessment and analysis

The role of company ownership information is increasing as authorities require a global view of tax structures. This video highlights the importance of company information in transfer pricing assessments.