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20 April 2017

Latest roundup of enhancements to new Orbis interface

Louise Green

We're always working on ways to enhance and upgrade the information solutions and services that we offer you. As part of this ongoing process, we've recently added some enhancements to the new interface, which we launched last year for our flagship Orbis database – which covers almost 220 million companies from all countries worldwide.
Regular users of the old interface will be familiar with some of the following features, which we've now optimised for and added to the new Orbis interface.

Document ordering module

This module, which you can now access from the tools page on the new Orbis interface, allows you to quickly and easily order copies of business documents, such as certificates of incorporation, shareholders' details and annual reports.

With this function, you can order official company documents from around the world through our partner aRMadillo (formerly RM Online), who will deliver them to you, usually within an hour. You can also order reports for companies that aren't on Orbis.

Customisation options

In addition to the many customisation opportunities already available on the new Orbis interface, you can now also customise these functions:

  • Variables – Using this feature, you'll be able to create your own variables that calculate their values from Orbis values. You can make these custom variables available to all users who belong to your account's group.
  • Chapters – The new interface arranges company reports into "books" that are further organised into "chapters", that contain related information. This feature lets you create your own customised chapters, which could include: your company logo or other images; widgets from the profile page; worksheets with selected financials; and any of your own fields that you have imported into Orbis.
  • Classifications – This function makes it possible for you to upload your own industry or geographical classifications – for example, mappings from your own regions to standard postal codes – and use them when you’re building search steps.

Peer reports

The peer report chapter, which we've recently added to the new Orbis interface, lets you compare your subject company with its peers. In this fully-configurable chapter, you'll be able to perform a peer analysis for the companies in your search results by running one of the predefined analyses or by creating your own.

AML/KYC documents available in reports

If you subscribe to the AML/KYC documents feature, you'll now be able to view and review AML, KYC and regulatory information on subject companies as part of a standard chapter.

Orbis keeps evolving…

We'll regularly continue to create, incorporate and roll out features and functionality on the new Orbis interface. Each enhancement is intended to help make sure that you can take full advantage of our rich, structured data in order to carry out your research processes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Louise Green

Louise Green, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications

Louise is twice winner of the Women in Data and Technology Awards ‘Reference Data Professional of the Year’. She leads Bureau van Dijk’s global band, marketing and events team.

Louise is twice winner of the Women in Data and Technology Awards ‘Reference Data Professional of the Year’. She leads Bureau van Dijk’s global band, marketing and events team.

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